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How to attach a handmade bag badge

Show the world that you've made your own handbag with one of our exclusive Handmade Original bag badges. They are available on our website in either antique gold or silver and are only $10 each. You can purchase a badge here

This is what they look like from the back.

How to attach to your bag

(You would attach to your outer fabric and interfacing before the lining has been sewn in but I was really excited when I received them and unpicked a seam in the lining of this bag)

Mark the centre of where you would like the badge to be positioned on the right side of the bag.

Next, mark a line that is 6 mm (1/4") up from the centre dot. This will be dot A.

Mark the centre of the backing bar at the top edge, position the backing bar onto the bag, aligning the centre mark with dot A.

Mark the fabric where the rectangular cut outs are, making the marks more towards the centre of the badge.

Make tiny snips with sharp pointed scissors.

We recommend applying a tiny dot of fray stopper or clear nail polish to the tiny cuts to reinforce and prevent fraying. (Test on fabric first to make sure that it will dry clear)

Insert the prongs of the badge through the tiny cuts.

Slip on the backing bar and push the prongs in towards the centre.

Ta da!

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