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How to attach bag feet


Bag feet are very easy to attach and help to protect the base of your bag, they also add a professional finish to your bag. They can be attached to any bag with a flat base and are attached through the main fabric and interfacing during the bags construction. (They are not attached through the lining)

You can purchase bag feet from my website in antique gold or silver.

Use 6 feet on a large bag

Use 4 feet on a smallish bag

How to attach:

I like to substitute the flat metal disc component with a 3 cm (1 1/4") square of template plastic to help protect the fabric from rubbing against the metal legs of the bag feet. (You can also cut a square of plastic from an ice cream container lid).

Using a pencil, mark the position for the bag feet onto the right side of the outer bag with dots. Working from the right side of the bag, carefully pierce a hole through the fabric and interfacing at one of the marked dots using a tailors awl or a sharp pointed tool. Insert the legs of the bag feet through the hole. Once again using the tailors awl, pierce a hole in the centre of the plastic square. Now working from the wrong side of the bag, insert the legs through the hole in the plastic square then bend the legs out as indicated in the picture.

Finally, round off the corners on the plastic square so that there are no rough edges.

So why do I use a plastic square instead of the flat metal disc component?

Just means that you only have to make 1 hole in your fabric to attach 1 bag foot, rather than 2.

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