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How to attach magnetic clips

Magnetic clips are a clever closure for the top edge of a bag or pockets.

They can be attached to the lining at the top edge of the bag like the Sweet Heart Bag.

Or on a flap closure such as the Social Butterfly Bag.

How to attach:

A magnetic clip set is made up of 1 male clip, 1 female clip and 2 washers. They are available on my website in antique gold or silver.

Mark the position of the clip onto the right side of the fabric with a dot. If you are attaching to a single layer of fabric such as the lining it is important to reinforce with a square of iron on interfacing.

Attach one side of the clip in the following way: Place one of the circular flat washers onto the marked dot, lining up the centre circle of the washer with the dot. Using a pencil, make 2 marks where the rectangular cut outs are on the washer. This is the position in which you will make 2 small slits with your scissors in the fabric. With the right side of the fabric facing up, push the legs of the clip through the slits.

Turn the fabric to the wrong side and slip on a washer piece, bend the legs of the clip in, this may require a few taps with a hammer.

Attach the other side of the clip to the corresponding bag piece in the same way.

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