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Aussie Babies update

First look at my Baby Platypus and Baby Wombat.

I have been busy behind the scenes drawing and editing our website while Mum works on her book. I thought I would share a sneak peek of how my new applique collection, 'Aussie Babies', is coming along.

The collection will feature nine Australian animals as little babies, perfect for a quilt-as-you-go baby quilt. I hope to make each design a tile that can be repeated for a full quilt-as-you-go quilt, cushion or textile art work.

Baby Platypus

Baby Wombat

I am still experimenting with colour and form. My baby croc has flowers around it, and these designs most likely will too. For these designs, I have added a white backing fabric that makes it easy to see the applique shapes when tracing, and I think it makes the design appear chunkier, which is how I like to draw baby cartoons.

The white backing fabric is then placed onto the linen background; I feel it adds the option for using more pastel colours, which is perfect for a baby quilt. However, the white backing is optional. I am drawing very round shapes to make it easy for any level of quilting and applique experience.

It has been a lot of trial and error; some designs are easier than others. The Baby Wombat has been edited hundreds of times, and I may have more editing to do. But baby steps each day is my process right now.

However, please let me know your thoughts... what flowers you think would go with these designs or any other Aussie animals you wish to see. I am working on my Baby Kangaroo and Koala tomorrow, so please subscribe to our website for more updates. Also let me know if you would like a YouTube tutorial on making these appliques when they are released. I will keep you posted on a release date closer to finishing the series. Thanks for reading! Love, Alaura

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