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Thank you so much for your lovely comments on our blog and social media. It made me really excited, and I stayed up last night colouring in and finishing some of my drawings. They are really raw and just a rough idea of what the new collection will look like. But I couldn't wait to show you!

Meet my Aussie Babies collection so far:

In my most recent post, I showed you my Baby Platypus and Baby Wombat.

Last night, I added some new additions: Baby Puggle:

Baby Dingo:

Baby Emu:

Red Kangaroo Joey:

I have also done a muted colour way that I think matches some of the native flowers, rocks, trees and sand where I live.

I am still working on tweaking the shapes to make them nice and round. I am also still tossing up whether to add native flowers around the edge of each design. Like with my baby croc

This means each design could make a nice pattern repeat for a quilt-as-you-go quilt. Let me know if I should, or if I should save the native flowers for a stand-alone series.

So far I have seven designs, I definitely have to do a koala, but drawing koalas isn't my strong suit.