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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Our quilt as you go quilt is growing!

Watch the video here:

Interested in the Island Home course notes? This is how you get them:

Pay as you go

The course notes are available to purchase on our website here.

Become an Island Home Facebook Member

More info here

Already an Island Home Facebook Member:

Head to the private Facebook group, click on GUIDES to download the course notes.

Please note: Facebook members do not have access to the Island Home members section on our website because we are phasing it out).

Early Bird Members:

Click here. (You must be logged in to our website to access the course notes)

If you are in the Island Home Facebook group, you can also download the course notes there.

We hope that you enjoy part 10 of the Island Home quilt.

Happy sewing!

Monica and Alaura

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