Waterproof Glue Gel.

Washable / Acid Free

Paint onto fabric; Cottons, denim, lace, muslin. Once dry it creates an insulating film that is waterproof.



Put fabric on a flat protected surface. Spread on Odi Coat with a flat brush. Allow to dry for 1 hour before applying another 2 coats. This will give a luster / satiny feel. Completely dry after 24 hours. Iron with parchment or baking paper on top. The fabric may be washed in warm water. 


To make a water proof bag:

We recommend prewashing and drying your fabric first to remove shrinkage then cutting out your bag pieces and painting on the Odi Coat. Iron your pieces before making your bag. Use a size 80 Sharp needle and a Teflon foot to help the foot glide over the waterproof fabric.

1 pot of Odi Coat will make approximately 2 bags.


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Odi Coat Fabric Laminator