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Welcome to our digital sewing journal.

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We are Pattern Poole by Monica and Alaura Poole.
A mother and daughter design team, 3rd and 4th generation sewists. Here on our website, you will find a pool of tips, ideas, inspiration, YouTube tutorials, PDF patterns, and journal entries documenting our handmade journey. 

Our business was founded in 2002 by Monica; before this, she spent nine years working in the quilting industry, where she perfected her quilt-as-you-go methods. Monica is a trained fashion designer and has worked in fashion for eight years before quilting; her sewing style is the amalgamation of tricks from the rag trade combined with the thriftiness of quilting. I have always loved sewing and fashion, but my true passion lies in the creative direction. I studied arts and business at university and worked in sewing stores and fashion. 2020 left our business at a standstill; we existed in the physical space with products, printed patterns and sewing workshops. All the spare time of lockdown allowed me to pursue a longtime passion that I never had time to explore: film. Mum is always sewing, whether it's clothes or quilts and I just picked up the camera, started filming and haven't looked back. In late 2020, we created our first YouTube tutorial and have been creating tutorials ever since. Now, we can connect with more people worldwide and share our love for sewing and creativity. 

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