Hey, we are Pattern Poole, a mother (Monica) and daughter (Alaura) design team from Sydney Australia. We create fun sewing patterns, online courses and in our spare time, we love to sew clothes together.
Our goal is to design the ultimate pool of creative sewing patterns for any level of sewing. 

Mum began her career in the fashion industry at 16 and went on to become a fashion designer by the age of 21. When I was born her life path shifted slightly and she started working in the patchwork and quilting industry. Lots of things happened in between, but basically I grew up working with mum, attending shows, and packing patterns. I went on to complete a Bachelor of Business Admin and a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on management and entrepreneurship. I also love to draw and design and Mum is the type of person who can bring any idea to life.

So here we are...
Enjoy xox 


otis vector.png
cosmo vector.png
Flick Frill Neck vector.png
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Creating sewing patterns since 2002.

We specialise in online courses + printed patterns (we are adding PDFS to our range.)

Hand packed in 
our studio
providing jobs to our family and  community of patchwork shops!

Our pattern sheets 
are digitally drawn 
for your accuracy

All originally designed and packed with love!


Try our work

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