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Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Part 2 of our Island Home quilt as you go master class has 2 parts!


The end goal for part 2 is showing how to quilt as you go with pointy blocks and no sashing, this is for blocks that sit edge to edge in a quilt design, it’s especially useful for quilt blocks that have a secondary pattern when joined together. How to do this, is a question that comes up a lot.

A pointy block is any block that has points that finish a ¼” away from the outer edge. Accurate piecing is the starting point for this method, as obviously all blocks need to be the same size and the points really do need to be a ¼” away from the edge, otherwise they are at risk of being lost in the seam.

Accurate piecing comes natural to some and not to others. So, in episode 2 part 1 we take a deep dive into accurate piecing whilst making 2 traditional blocks, Churn Dash and Ohio Star. No matter your skill level, it’s always fun and satisfying to make these traditional patchwork blocks that have been around for centuries and stitched by many quilters before us.

Episode 2 part 1 is a 45-minute tutorial where we discuss the scant ¼” seam allowance, the “pin trick” for accurate seams, pressing techniques, the grain line plus lots more.

We don’t want to take short cuts and we don’t want you to miss a thing, so that’s why, part 2 has 2 parts!

In episode 2 part 2, we will quilt and join those pointy blocks together with a quilt as you go joining technique that has no sashing.

Episode 2 part 2 will premiere on YouTube next week, 12 pm, April 6 2022 Sydney Australia time.

If you are making the quilt:

Pay as you go

The course notes are available to purchase here

You'll find a code on the cover to get part 2/2 for free when they are available next week.

Island Home Facebook Members:

Head to the private Facebook group, click on GUIDES to download the course notes.

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We hope that you enjoy our Accurate Piecing tutorial!

Monica and Alaura xo

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