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DIAMOND STAR BLOCK: Island Home Part 7

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

In part 7 we make a Diamond Star patchwork block!

Okay, they’re not exactly diamonds but they kind of look like diamonds and it’s a really pretty block.

We also have some fun, trying out glue basting. If you’re new to sewing, the definition of basting is to temporarily hold fabric pieces together and perfectly aligned, before sewing and that’s exactly what we do this week but with glue.

We use the Sewline Glue Pen but you could also use Roxanne’s Glue baste or experiment with craft glue that is washable, non-toxic and acid free. If you do decide to try a craft glue, make sure that you test it first, that includes washing your test piece, so that there are no nasty surprises.

The advantage of a washable fabric glue is that it is designed to be sewn through and the applicator is normally quite small, this is handy as when we glue baste patchwork pieces, it’s important for the glue to stay within the ¼” seam allowance to avoid stray glue from messing up your iron.

The videos are free for everyone to enjoy on YouTube, click on the video below to watch.

How to get the course notes if you would like to make the quilt:

Pay as you go

The course notes are available to purchase on our website here.

Become an Island Home Facebook Member

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Already an Island Home Facebook Member:

Head to the private Facebook group, click on GUIDES to download the course notes.

Please note: Facebook members do not have access to the Island Home members section on our website because we are phasing it out).

Early Bird Members:

Click here. (You must be logged in to our website to access the course notes)

If you are in the Island Home Facebook group, you can also download the course notes there.

We are thrilled with how our mystery quilt is coming together!

We hope that you enjoy the video!

Monica and Alaura xo

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I have not glue basted before it looks good no pins to get stuky with😊


I have never glue basted before, but will do it again. I found it beneficial for some of the seams.

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