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Updated: Jun 7, 2023


We’re obsessed with string quilts! And they are super easy, super fun and beginner friendly, so we thought you might like to make one too.

This week we were invited to make some short videos for Spotlight’s Quilting Expo, so we went totally over the top and made a 3 part series on how to make a quilt as you go string quilt from start to finish. This series is perfect for the very beginner or for those that want to try their hand at making a quilt as you go quilt. It’s full of tips and tricks to help enhance your patchwork, quilting and sewing skills.

Can you beleive that this 1 simple block, pictured below, made this modern string quilt?

Episode 1 is available to watch now and starts with the basics and how to make the blocks. (You’ll find the link to the video below)

Episode 2 will be available soon and shows how to join the complete quilt together using our Easy Cover Strip method with the strips on the back so that there is no interruption between the blocks.

Episode 3 will be out next week and in this video, you’ll see a new machine sewn binding method that ties in perfectly with the cover strips on the back of the quilt.

There is also a free pattern that you can download here:

Pattern Poole String Quilt Project Guide
Download PDF • 3.80MB

So, for those joining in with our free QUILT AS YOU GO ALONG, we have a challenge for you!

Watch episode 1 of How to Make a Quilt from Start to Finish, then make a string block of your choice, the strips can be all the same width or different widths, we’d love to see what you come up with so please share them in the Pattern Poole Sewing Facebook group. You will need to make 2.

There is no specific video for part 11 of the free QUILT AS YOU GO ALONG, but you’ll get all the tips that you need from episode 1 of How to Make a Quilt from Start to Finish.

This is how we made our string blocks.

We used leftover strips that were all 1 ½” wide and various lengths.

Start with the usual 10” backing square with the wrong side facing up with the 9” square of batting centred on top.

Mark a line that is a ¼” away from opposite diagonal corners.

Place your first strip onto the block with the right side facing up, positioning it above the marked line so that the corners of the block are covered and making sure that the lower edge of the strip is level with the marked line.

Place another strip on top with the right side facing down.

Pin in place and stitch with a ¼” seam allowance, sewing through all layers. Start and finish level with the edge of the backing fabric, there is no need to back tack or reverse at the beginning and end of each row of stitching at this stage.

Flip the top strip and press, continue stitching and flipping the strips onto the block.

When your block is complete, trim it to the same size as the baking square.

If you have just found us, we are Pattern Poole, a Mother (Monica) and Daughter (Alaura) design team from Australia, we have a fantasic YouTube channel with free quilting tutorials, a supportive Facebook group and a website that has a giant pool of sewing patterns. Add 4 PDF patterns to your cart and you'll get 1 for free when you enter the code FREEPATTERN at the checkout,

We hope that you enjoy the video!

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