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Updated: Sep 12, 2023


This week I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to start a FREE, WORLDWIDE QUILT AS YOU GO-ALONG on our YouTube channel, Pattern Poole TV.

So tell your friends, tell your guild, and tell your local shop, everyone is invited to join in the fun!

This is because every week, I make a different sample for our YouTube video, so instead of them hanging around the studio without a purpose I decided to start a FREE QUILT AS YOU GO-ALONG but here’s the thing, it’s a mystery quilt because I’m making it up as I go along, there will be no printed instructions as all instructions will be given in the YouTube videos, it’s a scrap quilt and I’ll just be using up fabrics from my stash so I’ll give an estimated requirements list for the quilt top and I’ll let you know what you’ll need for everything else.

Each block will start with a 10” backing square and when joined together they will finish at approximately 9”. I’m going to join my quilt together with the cover strip on the back in the same way that I did for the Diamond String Quilt but there will also be the option to join with the joining strip method.

This is a picture of the Diamond String Quilt:

We'll be making a lap size quilt, made up of 36 blocks and will be laid out with 6 across and 6 down, just in the same way as my red and white Cherry Cheer quilt pictured below. I’m also going to finish it in the same way with the picket edge. The finished size of the quilt will be approximately 54” (137 cm) square and with the picket edge it will be 60” (154 cm).


As mentioned, I’m going to be using fabrics from my stash, including the backing squares so the fabrics will be different on the back and in no particular order.

If you don’t have a stash of fabrics, I recommend purchasing fabrics for the quilt top as suggested below, this is an estimation, and you may have leftovers or you may need to purchase more. Make sure that you get a good range of light and dark fabrics to make your blocks pop! You’ll also need to purchase what’s on the additional requirements list.

Estimated fabric requirements for the quilt top:

Option 1

30 x fat eighths.

Option 2

1 layer cake (40 x pre-cut 10” squares) this will give you a large range of fabrics but at times a 10” square may not be big enough to cut some strips.

Plus 6 fat eighths.

Option 3

22 fat quarters, this will be plenty of fabric and some fabrics will be repeated in the quilt.

Additional requirements:

Backing fabric: 2.5 m (2 ¾ y) This is if you choose to do 1 fabric on the back.

Cover strips for the back: 1.25 m (1 ½ y) Add to the above amount if you would like in the same fabric as the backing fabric.

Picket edge: 1.35 m (1 ½ y)

Batting: 1.5 m (1 2/3 y)

Note: Batting is normally 240 cm (94”) to 250 cm (100”) wide. Use your favourite type or recommended is a low loft cotton, bamboo, cotton bamboo blend or 80% cotton and 20% poly blend. Also recommended is a batting with a scrim because it’s more stable and is easier to mark lines on as some of the blocks will require.

So what's a scrim?

A scrim is a very fine mesh stabiliser that is needle punched onto the batting fibres, it's very fine and can be difficult to see. The scrim prevents the batting from stretching and it also means that your quilting lines can be up to 10 cm (4") apart. I prefer a batting with a scrim for making QAYG quilts because when I cut it into pieces is stays in shape.

The photo below shows a batting with a scrim, as mentioned, sometimes it’s difficult to see but as this scrim doesn’t go all the way to the edge of the batting, I was able to peel some of the scrim away to show it in the photo.

I’ll be keeping the equipment to make the quilt basic; this is what you will need:

Rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat.

Fabric marker, I use the Sewline Trio Ceramic Marker.

Quilt basting spray is optional.

(Fabric tends to naturally grip onto bamboo and cotton batting)

General sewing supplies like pins, tape measure, paper scissors and fabric scissors.

Neutral colour thread that blends with your fabrics.

Sewing machine with accessories:

Standard foot

¼” foot

Walking foot if your quilt square puckers when sewing with the batting.

Size 70/10 universal needle for piecing

Size 80/12 quilting needle

The 4 blocks from the video below, will be the first 4 blocks, so watch this video first. There will be another 32 blocks, some will be repeated, and some will be 1 off designs.

Take your time, enjoy the process, don’t take it too seriously and have fun! If you don’t like a block, put a binding on it and make it a post holder (woops, I meant pot holder) or a mug rug!

Join our private Facebook group Pattern Poole Sewing if you would like to ask questions, share a picture of your block or see what others are making. And if sharing your photos on Instagram use the hashtag: #PatternPooleQAYGalong2021

Lots of love!

Monica and Alaura xxoo