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How to login to time to bloom (2024 online mystery quilt course).

Updated: 4 days ago

Okay, so you've signed up and paid for the course. You're really excited to get started and not sure how things work. Trust me, it's super simple and fun, once you know how.

This year the course is run in a special course members only section on our website. It's basically a blog post that only course members can see when logged in. From this private blog, you can watch the YouTube tutorials, download the course notes, share photos of your work and ask questions. Oh, and did we mention that the YouTube videos are ad free when you watch them from the private blog? Bonus!

Follow these steps to get to the course members only section.

Step 1

Head to the Pattern Poole Website :

Step 2

Click on log in.

Step 3

Click on log in with email.

Step 4

Add the email and password that you used when you signed up for the course.

Step 5

You will now see that you are logged in.

Step 6

When you click the red arrow, a drop down menu will appear. You'll find your course purchase under My subscriptions.

Step 7

Hover over Time to Bloom and click on Patterns and Videos.

Step 8

This will take you to the Time to Bloom course home page.

Click on the welcome post to read about the course.

Click on Month 1 to watch the videos and download the course notes.

There will be a new blog post each month and you can come back to the blog posts anytime you like.

Below is what the start of the month 1 blog post looks like:


If you click on month 1 and get WANT TO READ MORE. SUBSCRIBE.

Check that you are logged in at the top right corner and click the refresh button in the top left corner. (The curly arrow button).

Still not working?

Make sure that you logged in with the email and password that you used to signup and pay for the course. Some people have more than 1 account on our website that uses a different email and password.

If you still can't login, send us an email at

(We'll get back to you as soon as we can but if we're on opposite sides of the world, you may have to wait until it's our daytime).