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QUILT AS YOU GO WITH SASHING: Island Home Episode 1, QAYG 6 Ways - Sampler Quilt

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Welcome back to Pattern Poole TV! Oh, do we have a jammed packed quilting schedule for you to join in on this year! And that is the best part, ANYONE CAN JOIN IN ON THE FUN!

Island Home is our 2022 mystery quilt as you go six ways sampler quilt. Prepare to be pleasantly surprised as a new section of the mystery quilt is revealed in each lesson. Remove all personal expectations and be thrown into the world of Pattern Poole quilt as you go with Monica Poole, who will guide you through multiple quilting techniques that you can add to your patchwork and quilting repertoire. Sample various methods of quilt as you go; as each lesson, you will build upon the quilt, taking a deep dive into all of Monica's tips and techniques. By the end of this course, you would have constructed and quilted your own work of art from start to finish.

This is Island Home episode 1, where Monica will create some easy pinwheel blocks whilst discussing quilting techniques such as how to stitch in the ditch and how to echo quilt. After the pinwheel quilt blocks are made, Monica will demonstrate how to join them using her new quilt as you go joining method that uses sashing.


To make this quilt, simply purchase the PDF course notes per episode, they are 10 AUD each and there are 12 sets. You can purchase the course notes from episode one here:

Early Bird Members, do not click on the link above. If you have already paid and registered for the course as an early bird member, the part 1 course notes are available to download in the Island Home private Facebook group under the GUIDES tab. Or you can log in to the Pattern Poole website and access the course notes via the button below.

If you are not on Facebook, and can't log in to the website, you can arrange to have your course notes emailed to you as they become available, please contact us at

If you would like to join in, you will find the requirements list, along with a video explaining the requirements list here:

Want to know the key dates? You will find them here:

We hope that you enjoy the video! Oh and if you decide to join in on the fun, please share your work on Facebook or Instagram with #islandhome2022

Monica and Alaura xo

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