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The Rainbow Thread: How Colour Transforms Quilt Blocks

Colorful Quilt Blocks

In the world of quilting, there's a subtle yet powerful secret that can completely change the look and feel of the same quilt block - colour! The way colours are arranged and combined within a quilt block can create strikingly different visual effects, taking a design from traditional to modern or from calm to vibrant. Let's dive into the colourful world of quilting and explore how the choice of colours can work magic on the same quilt block.

Colour Magic: Transforming the Time to Bloom Blocks

Colorful Quilt

With each of our mystery courses, Mum and I like to explore different colour schemes to challenge ourselves and break outside our usual choices. I tend to gravitate towards using black backgrounds, and Mum prefers a more fresh look using white backgrounds, so this year, we settled on grey. This year, we wanted to make a monochromatic quilt, which is challenging as I use colour to define specific shapes and features in my applique designs. However, it is coming together nicely so far and seeing all the different colour schemes our course members use is very inspiring!

With all the unique colour selections, our course members have transformed our classic blue blocks into bold and modern masterpieces or soft and soothing creations. Each member has played with hues, saturations, and contrasts, breathing new life into our designs and showcasing the incredible impact of colour.

Let's take a look at some of the blocks from Month 2

Contrast Quilt

Our Time to Bloomers have made excellent colour choices, some using vibrant tones with patterned fabrics and others choosing a monochromatic scheme. You can see each block tells its own individual story. Just like in a painting or a photograph, the colours used in quilting tell a story and evoke emotions. A quilt block in calming blues and greens may whisper serenity and relaxation, while one in fiery reds and oranges shouts energy and passion. Quilters are not just stitchers; they are storytellers who use colour as their language to convey mood, theme, and emotion within their creations.

Some tips for picking a colour scheme for your next quilt:

1. Ask yourself what mood you want to evoke with your quilt.

When creating a quilt, the choice of colours can play a significant role in evoking a particular mood. For example, using blue hues can create a calming and serene atmosphere, while warm tones like red can infuse a vibrant and fiery energy into the quilt. When selecting colours for a quilt, it's important to consider the mood you wish to convey. Starting with the intended mood and then choosing colours that align with that feeling can help alleviate the stress of deciding on a favourite fabric and matching colours to that fabric, which is sometimes daunting. By building upon the mood you want to bring forth, you can create a beautiful and impactful quilt that resonates with both the creator and the viewer.

2. Once you have your mood, think about the power of contrast.

One of the key elements in colour theory is contrast, and in quilting, this principle is put to stunning use. By pairing vibrant colours with neutrals or combining complementary shades, quilt blocks can be elevated from ordinary to extraordinary. The interplay of light and dark, warm and cool tones adds depth and dynamism to the design, capturing the eye and imagination of the beholder. We always say to choose a variety of light, medium and dark fabrics to create balance.

Here is an example of creating two different moods starting with the colour red:

Can you see how the other colours help create the mood?

On the right, we have a vibrant colour scheme, and on the left, we have a calming one.

Both colour palettes start with red and use contrasting colours; however, the first one draws on warm, medium and light colours such as orange and yellow and uses vibrant blue hues as the contrast.

The second uses pink to keep the red soft and adds two contrasting colours, green and soft blue.

Make your own Colour Palette in Paint:

So, if you are now feeling inspired, you can make your own colour palette in microsoft paint.

Watch the video below to see how I did it in paint.

Conclusion: Colour Your World

In the vibrant tapestry of quilting, colour is the brush that paints breathtaking landscapes and tells captivating stories. So, next time you pick up your quilting project, don't just stitch - colour! Let your imagination run wild, play with hues and tones, and watch as your quilt blocks come to life in a symphony of colours. Remember, in the world of quilting, the right colour choice can transform a simple block into a masterpiece!

Join the colourful revolution in quilting and discover the transformative power of colours in your quilt blocks. From subtle shifts to dramatic contrasts, let colour be your guide as you embark on a creative journey through the world of quilting. Unleash your inner artist, grab your fabric palette, and let the rainbow threads weave their magic in your next quilt.

If you are interested in joining our worldwide community to make the Time to Bloom quilt, we have now added a new Time to Bloom subscription on our website.

As the course is now in month 2, we have added a 10-month payment plan with a $22 joining fee for months 1 and 2. On signup you will pay $22 plus 1 month in advance for block 3. In the following months you will be automatically charged $11 per month for the the remaining 9 months of the course. There is also the option to pay the full amount of $132 upfront. On signup, you will have instant access to the course section on our website where you can download the course notes and watch the YouTube videos ad free.

Sign up below and join in on the fun of Time to Bloom, Pattern Poole 2024 online mystery quilt course.

Wishing you all a wonderful and creative week, Alaura

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Using Paint is so cool! I never realized that it was so versatile. The sky is the limit for developing color palettes that personally resonate (or the ground or the mountains or trees or or or ...) !

I'm enjoying "Time to Bloom" so much, mostly because I really appreciate seeing what others are doing with each block. Oh, and it helps immensely that each block is so do-able, thanks to you and your Mum!

-- Jane

Mi piace

Thanks for the helpful tips and advise Alaura. As a newbie to making a quilt, it was quite daunting selecting what colours to use. So far I am happy with my choices and feel sure that the quilt will look awesome on completion. My ambition is to make each of my 9 grandchildren ranging in age from 22 to 3 a quilt as an heirloom keepsake. Your advice will definitely be helpful when selecting colour themes. Very grateful 🦋. Cheers Suzi

Mi piace
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