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time to bloom - month 2

Updated: Jun 11

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Welcome to Time to Bloom month 2! We are thrilled to present the latest instalment, where we will be creating a 1/4 log cabin block.

In the previous month, we worked on making a popular quilt block called the nine-patch block, which has many variations and is a great addition to your patchwork and quilting skills.

We also focused on perfecting your 1/4" seam allowance, an essential skill for this course, and introduced the techniques that will be further developed in this project.

Building on the skills from last month, this 1/4 log cabin block will help you work with rectangles and learn how to sew using a factory-style method and chain piecing.

Our course has a progressive structure, where each month's project builds upon the skills learned in the previous month. This approach ensures a steady and comprehensive development of your quilting skills.

Last month's applique block was a simple flower design. We layered the applique shapes, used quilting techniques such as stitching in the ditch and echo quilting, and added details of the dandelion stars.

This month, we are increasing the complexity of the applique block with a mosaic-style flower and little bee detail. With its visually appealing details, this design offers an exciting opportunity to work with numerous mosaic pieces. I'm confident you'll handle it with ease.

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