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Bag Strap Turner - How It Works

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This is a little kit that we put together to help you turn your padded straps with ease. It has 2 sizes. All of our bags have wide padded straps for comfort but they can be difficult to turn through, so this is how we do it...........

To make a comfortable bag strap with a finished width of 4.5 cm (1 3/4"), cut 2 strips of fabric that are 6 cm (2 1/4") wide by your desired length.

Cut 1 strip of padding such as Monica Poole's Bag Shape interfacing or medium weight pellon to the same size. If using iron on pellon, iron onto the wrong side of one of the fabric strips.

Place the 2 fabric strips with the right sides facing, on top of the padded strip and pin together. Sew along both raw edges with a 6 mm (1/4") seam allowance. Sew across one end of the strap with a large stitch length.

Strap with padding, one end stitched across

Insert large tube into open end of strap, slide up to closed end.

Use the stick to push the fabric through the tube.

Ta-da, your strap is turned! Unpick large stitches from the end and press your strap.

To make a strap with both neat ends, cut out as instructed above.

Starting from the middle of the strap, sew around all edges, leaving a 5 cm (2") opening in the middle on one side. Clip across corners to reduce bulk.

Insert tube into opening and slide up to one end.

Use stick to push fabric through the tube and out the opening.

Turn the other side of the strap in the same way.

It takes 3 seconds to turn a strap instead of 30 minutes!

Now all you have to do is press your strap and top stitch.

To make a medium width strap, cut strips 4.5 cm (1 3/4") wide and use the narrower tube in the same way. Finished strap will be 3.3 mm (1 1/4") wide.

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