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9 blocks, 9 quilting techniques

Meet our Twilight Dreaming Quilt.

A quilt-as-you-go applique quilt, with 9 blocks each with a new quilting technique!

This was our first online course in 2020 during lockdown and what started our YouTube channel. The videos are full-length tutorials, raw and unedited! View more information in the video below.

Watch the series below.

Twilight Dreaming

Purchase the complete pattern or buy a section separately. There is a pattern for US Letter sized paper and also A4 paper.

Twilight Dreaming Tutorials Ep 1.

Ep 2.

Ep 3.

Ep 4.

Ep 5.

Ep 6.

Ep 7.

Ep 8.

Ep 9.

Ep 10. - Part 1

Part 2.

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