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The Quilt As You Go Planner

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

The Quilt As You Go Planner is now only available as a PDF Book.

There is inspiration for quilting everywhere! More and more I'm finding that people want to design their own quilts with their own personal style and creativity. When it comes to quilt as you go, my best advice is to plan!

What is quilt as you go?

Quilt as you go is the process of dividing a quilt design into sections, quilting each section separately then joining the sections together to make the complete quilt. It's great because it's much easier to quilt smaller pieces as you go rather than a large quilt top.

There are various ways to join quilted pieces together but the Planner focuses on my favourite technique that I refer to as the Modern Method. I call it the Modern Method because it's fully machine sewn and it makes great modern style quilts. (I now refer to this method as the Easy Cover Strip Method, here is a video showing how to do it). In my opinion, it's the easiest quilt as you go technique there is! I'm proud to say that I was the first designer in Australia to develop this technique and I've been publishing this technique in quilting patterns since 2005. 

The Modern method uses the tram (cover strip) to cover the join as shown in the quilt picture below. This is the Penguin Party quilt, the aqua strips are the trams (cover strips), you'll also notice that the binding is the same with as the trams, this is my 1" wide machine sewn binding, I also show how to do this in the planner.

This is how the planner works.........

There's an inspiration gallery showing over 15 quilts that have been made with the Modern Method (Cover Strip Mehtod). The possibilities are endless! These patterns aren't in the planner, they're just there for you to get inspiration for your own designs.

The Planner shows you how to quilt as you go with the modern (cover strip) method along with my top tips and advice for quilt as you go, stitch and flip piecing, fusible machine applique and how to do my modern machine sewn binding.

 Next, choose a plan and start designing your own quilt as you go quilt. The plans range in size from cot, lap, single bed, king single, double bed, queen and king size. There are plans for  9” squares, 12” squares, 12” x 16” rectangles (perfect for those wanting to make the Windows into Africa applique patterns into a quilt), framed 12” squares, horizontal panels, vertical panels and even 2 medallion plans.  All plans include cutting instructions and a requirements list (in metric) to make it easy for you to fill in with your own creativity! 

 There are 72 pages in total and on the last pages there are some cute applique designs that you can use in your quilt.

You can purchase the PDF book from our website.

Happy quilting!

Monica xo

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