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Camera roll challenge, May, 2024

I don't know about you, but I love snapping photos, and I loveeee looking back at them even more.

Who doesn't love when iPhone memories pop up with all these photos you forgot about?

I have been sharing a lot of behind-the-scenes on our Instagram and thought that anyone who wants to join in on their social platform of choice can. It can be a fun way to connect and get to know more of our community members. So, here is the list; get posting and tag @patternpoole or use the hashtag #patternpoolecamerarollchallenge

Here are mine for May! 1. Something you think is cool: A photo I snapped of the beach in Cesenatico, Italy, where all the shade covers had unique artwork on them 😍

2. Something that inspired you: Flowers I saw yesterday🪷 Perfect inspo for Time to Bloom!

3. An incomplete sewing project: An applique endeavour I started and never finished. I should put them in frames!

4. Go to quilt blocks: My favourite quilt blocks to make (free tutorial on our channel).

5. Random sewing project: An applique endeavour I finished and enjoyed!

6. Iconic quilting moment: A pic I snapped of Mum at Victoria Findlay Wolfe Quilts, New York City. Iconic moment for us.

7. Random iPhone memory: NYC in action. Maybe the universe is telling us to go to Houston this year and head to NY again after. Anyone else going to Houston?

8. Funny photo someone sent you: A text from my dad introducing me to George. The office pug who sits on his desk.