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NO WASTE FLYING GEESE: Island Home Part 11.

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Search Flying Geese on Pinterest or Google and you will find endless variations of this classic patchwork block. In part 11 we explore the no waste, 4 at a time method to make the Flying Geese and then we make it into a Two-Tone Star Block. Click on the link below to watch the video tutorial.

In a previous video, we made a quilt as you go flying geese block but with this method the corners were cut away, creating some leftover triangles that we saved to go into our Strumb quilt.

Here are the links to those videos if you missed them:

As promised, below is a chart for 7 different sized Flying Geese to make 4 at a time using the no waste method as shown in part 11 of the Island Home Quilt Series.


Please experimant with 1 set before diving in and cutting all your fabric for a complete quilt.

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