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When is the next part of Time to Bloom released?

Each part of Time to Bloom is released on the first Wednesday of the month. We've created a course calendar for you to print and keep handy, so you'll always know when the next part is due. (Part 2 is due on June 5).

Click on the arrow below to download the calendar.

calendar for time to bloom
Download PDF • 106KB

The video and course notes are released on a Wednesday at 12 pm, Sydney Australia time. (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Click on the button below to convert the time to your part of the world.

You'll receive an email from us when each new part is available, or you can simply login to the course section on the Pattern Poole website to watch the video and download the course notes.

Please email us at if you have anymore questions, or you'll find lots more interesting information about the quilt and course in the Time to Bloom FAQs section on our website.

We hope that you have enjoyed part 1 and we can't wait to share the rest of the quilt with you each month!

Happy quilting!

Monica and Alaura


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