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Updated: Mar 7

Every year mum has a saying, last year was "2022, the year to do you", and now it is "2023, the year to love me". This sentiment of self-love can be seen all through media, with female artists composing songs like Miley Cyrus' "I can buy myself flowers" from Netflix series boasting rounded-out female characters with agency and depth.

Last year our quilt course "Island Home" was an ode to the beauty of our home in Australia. This year our 2023 quilt course will be "I, Valentine", a quilt all about the exploration of loving yourself, your life and the friendships we have created through quilting. The quilt design will be inspired by Valentine cards from medieval Europe to the 1800s. If Miley is buying her self flowers, I think it is the year we all finally made ourselves the quilt we've always wanted.

Nancy Rosin from the Met Gallery said, "From 16th-century religious devotionals to handmade tributes and the manufactured confections of today, the history of valentines is both long and vast. The objects and images that were created as valentines beautifully encapsulate the devotion, passion, love, and friendship felt by people across time and place".

For this quilt, I would like to draw on traditional Valentine's symbols of devotion, passion, love and friendship and apply them to the self. So think beautiful doves with wreaths, maybe even a few cherubs, hearts with arrows and flames. I want this quilt to be one you create that you are proud of and also something that would be a perfect fit for a millennial wedding present or gift to a beloved friend.

We hope you are excited to take this journey with us; this year, I hope to push myself out of my comfort zone with design and see what we create together! My mood board below are some images that have inspired me so far on my design journey. Each design will be in my mosaic style of applique so that anyone can make it.

- Alaura

Canivet, or Devotional, Anonymous, Flemish, 18th century Flemish, 18th century Read more here

Get excited because registrations are now open for our 2023 mystery QAYG quilt course! This blog post contains everything that you need to know about the course as well as a PDF requirements list that you can download and start gathering your supplies.


The Pattern Poole 2023 mystery quilt is a 10-part, quilt-as-you-go, medallion style applique quilt.


The theme is love, the love that we have for a partner, family, friends or the love that we should have for ourselves. Think hearts, doves, cherubs, and flowers.

(We are namimg this quilt I, Valentine).


Large centre block surrounded by squares, rectangles and an outer border.

Quilt size:

152 cm (60”) square.

Applique technique:

Fusible applique that can be stitched by hand or machine with a blanket stitch or a small zig-zag stitch. Plus some additional easy applique techniques to increase the learning experience. (There is no patchwork on this quilt).

Starting date and course duration:

Starts March 15, 2023 and runs for 10 consecutive weeks.

Cost and how to participate in the course:

Method 1:

Pay 1 upfront fee of $110. This year we will be emailing the course notes to everyone that pays the upfront fee, directly to your inbox. (Including everyone that joins the dedicated private Facebook group). The course notes will be emailed 1 at a time for 10 weeks, starting March 15, 2023.

Method 2:

Pay as you go. Purchase the PDF downloadable course notes one at a time for $11 each from our website as they are released weekly, starting March 15, 2023.

How to pay:

You can join and pay the upfront fee now on our website here.

The pay as you go option will be available on our website from March 15, 2023.

Optional dedicated private Facebook group

In the group you can ask questions, connect with others in the course and share photos of your progress. This year the course notes will not be available in the group to download as the course notes will be emailed to those that have signed up for the course.

The Facebook group will be available for those that are paying as you go too.

Course notes:

The course notes are PDF downloads and can be printed on A4 or letter size paper. You will need a home printer, or you can have them printed at your local library, print shop or office supplies store.

How to watch the videos:

The pre-taped videos are free for everyone to watch and enjoy on our YouTube channel. The videos will be fun and informative, with lots of little tips and tricks along the way. The pre-taped videos mean that you can work at your own pace and they will always be there for you to refer to. The quilt cannot be made without the PDF course notes that contain the full-size applique shapes and step by step instructions.


We are very excited to get back on YouTube for 2023, thank you so much for your support, we now have over 55,000 subscribers! The comments will be open on each video of this course to help build our YouTube community, this is great for those that aren’t on Facebook or Instagram.

Skill level

Beginners that have basic rotary cutting and sewing machine skills to advanced sewists and quilters.

Fabrics and requirements

The course fee does not include fabric. You can download the requirements here:

Download PDF • 572KB

We are using a selection of Moda Grunge fabric and have included the colour numbers for those that would like to source the same. We won’t be selling fabric so please head to your favourite quilt store or website to purchase your supplies. This will be your quilt so get creative! It would also look great in batiks or as a scrap quilt, using fabrics from your stash.

Anymore questions?

Please leave a comment.

Happy sewing!

Monica and Alaura xo

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