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Updated: Jun 7, 2023


This week we take a traditional block and make it quilt as you go! We think that this block would make a very cute, repetitive design in a scrappy style quilt.

New to our QAYG-ALONG? You can read all about it here.

Here are the cutting instructions to make 1 block, if you’re joining in with our FREE QAYG-ALONG then you’ll need to make 2.

Please note that these QAYG blocks are suitable for the easy cover strip method with the cover strip on the front or the back of the quilt. They can also be joined with the joining strip method, if you would like to use the joining strip method then cut your batting to the same size as the backing fabric.

Follow along with the YouTube video to make your block.

This is how to mark up the block:

Here are some step-by-step photos to keep you on track when making your tulip block.

Lay all of the pieces out to make sure that they are in the correct order before you begin to sew.

Here are some tips:

When you flip your pointy tulip pieces over, make sure that the points finish 1/4" away from the raw edge.

When you have sewn the first 4 pieces around the yellow square, make sure that all outer corners are aligned with the vertical and horizontal marked lines. Use a dab of fabric glue to hold them in place before you sew on the next round.

Hope that you enjoyed making this QAYG block as much as I did!

By the way, if you have just found us, we are Pattern Poole, a Mother and Daughter Design team from Australia. We have a fun YouTube channel with interesting and educational quilting tutorials, a beautiful website full of PDF patterns that include quilt as you go quilts and loveable applique designs and a supportive Facebook group where you can ask questions and share your Pattern Poole creations.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monica and Alaura xo


Marie-Jo Cayre
Marie-Jo Cayre
Jul 05, 2022

Mille mercis :-) Grâce à vos conseils, j'ai enfin réalisé un bloc que je trouve très réussi !


Encarnita Leal
Encarnita Leal
Nov 13, 2021

I would like to say you thank you for your generosity, your way to teach and explain everything is amazing, very clear and very easy to follow the instructions. Once again thank you

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